Club Officers

This is a list of the Club's Officers for 2021

Mrs. D. Stanners
 01784 453938

Deputy President
Mr. E. Moore
01784 888844

Hon. Secretary 
Mr. D. Clark
01784 457975

Hon. Treasurer
Mrs. J. Marshall
01784 456406

Club Captain 
Mr. M. Davies
07546 224337

Match Secretary
Mrs. G. Pitfield
01784 241515

Vice Captain Men
Mr. I. Meyrick
01784 454529

Vice Captain Ladies
Mrs. J. Woodward
01784 452579

Bar Manager 
Mr. J. Hay
01784 457721

Catering Officer 
Mrs. C. Hay
01784 457721

Competition Secretary
Mr. G. Hinton
01784 451568

Welfare Officer
Mrs. D. Stanners
01784 453938

Sub Committee Members 
Mrs. J. Cosstick, Mr. R. Cosstick, Mr. D. Clark, Mrs. S. Palmer

Mrs. J. Cosstick, Ms. W. Ridley

Life Members
P.B. Hughes, S. Palmer, D. Stanners, C. Lintott, J. Geisha, J. Hay

Club Instructors
Mr. E. Moore, EBCS level 1 – Coach Bowls level 2
Mr. M. Davies Coach Bowls level 1

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