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  • Short mat has started and is on Monday evenings from 7pm and Friday afternoons - come along by about 1.45pm to start play at 2. Check the schedule on the noticeboard for Friday sessions - and if you are able to help out, put your name on the list!
  • Bring a pair of indoor shoes - slippers or similar, or bowling shoes are fine.
  • Though we are an outdoor club there are a number of indoor fixtures - these are shown in in your fixtures booklet. Even if you are not an indoor bowler these are good occasions and you will get to see another side of the game! Coming to these games has inspired many of us to 'go indoors' over winter as it improves our line and bowl weight control, and keeps us in touch with our fellow bowlers.
  • Please put your name down for these matches if you can - if they are not supported they will disappear from the fixture list. All the matches are mixed, played away at the (indoor) clubs in question, and in whites as they are weekend games (mostly Sunday but one Saturday). If you don't know where the clubs are, or need a lift, contact the captain of the day.  Also, if you need advice on bowling indoors or need a bit of practice, this can usually be arranged.
  • The dates are (currently) as follows:

Sun 27 Oct 2019

Wey Valley 6R Mixed

Sat 16 Nov 2019

Hounslow 4R Mixed

Sun 1 Dec 2019

Cambridge Park 4R Mixed

Sun 12 Jan 2020

Egham 6R Mixed

Sun 29 Mar 2020

Hounslow 4R Mixed