2019 Green Opening

After a 100 year wait the Centenary opening day arrived, with 51 members all wearing club Greys, 5 previous members, plus an extra 9 spectators (including one lady bowler from Japan), both the lady and gents Middlesex County presidents, and last but not least our member of parliament Mr Kwasi Kwarteng, all contributing to a successful opening event.

Kwasi arrived with a minute to spare and gamely put up the opening bowls of the season, this was followed by bowls from the three presidents.

Kwasi then took part in our Spider where all money taken was split between both County presidents charities. The Spider was won by Mr John Hay with his brand new coloured bowls. He did donate his winning bottle to one of the charities.

Following the opening a light buffet was provided and concluded with a nice piece of cake.


Click left or below to see all the pictures from the Green Opening Day.

The event was videoed by Dogface films and photographed by Mr David Dyson. Some of those photos may be seen above and in the link, with additional photos courtesy of Chris Gardam.

We must thank all members who arrived on time and dressed as requested, thanks also all members who helped behind the scenes to ensure this day went off correctly.

Now we look forward to bowling.

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